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This is the master post for the Different Roads AU. All of these are gen unless noted otherwise, and none are above PG-13; most are pre-series, but the later stories do deal with canon-era events.

NB: The authors are committed Christians. It will come out in our writing. We make no apologies for this fact.

Different Roads by jennytork [PDF]
Summary: Just before his 16th birthday, Dean makes a decision that will change his life--and Sam's, and the fate of the world--forever.

First Summer by jennytork: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | PDF
Summary: Sammy and Dean's first summer in Cazadore.

Settling In by jennytork: 1 | 2 | 3 | PDF
Summary: In which we get glimpses into how the overall school year functions for Dean and Sam now that they're on their own and Dean is a teacher as well as a student.

Coming Home by ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: In small-town Texas, the major social event of the fall is Homecoming. Everybody who is anybody goes for at least the first half of the game—and that includes a certain frazzled young ASL teacher and his little brother.

Exiling Napoleon by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: Sic semper tyrannis--even the ones that aren't literal political dictators.

La Primera Feliz Navidad by jennytork: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | PDF
Summary: As the brothers face their first Christmas alone, Dean's mentor Cooper takes it on himself to make sure that it's a happy one.

Finding a Home by immortal_jedi [PDF]
Summary: How does one go from being a globetrotting Trickster to being a settled history teacher? Some moments in the life of G. William Cooper.

Living History by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: Sammy's panicked over the prospect of having to take Texas History as an out-of-stater. But Dean's solution may end up also solving other, bigger problems they don't even know they have.

Principalities and Powers by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: A hunt finally finds the boys on their home turf... but Cazadore has some surprises in store for just about everyone.

Where You Hang Your Heart by ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Given what the boys have learned from Josh, Dean starts grappling with some serious questions and gets some answers, of a sort, from Mr. Cooper.

Friends in Low Places by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: A summer hunt in Nebraska has unexpected consequences, not least of which is introducing the boys to a few new friends.

Theory and Praxis by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: Dean hates education theory. Sam's not sure he agrees.

Straight Tequila Night by ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Even demons know that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

People Will Say We're In Love by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: The course of true love never did run smooth--and that goes double for Winchesters. (Het.)

Bring Me to Life by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Some things change, others remain the same. Once a Trickster, always a Trickster. Broward County, Florida, becomes Cazadore, Texas. To save a girl's life and sanity, Cooper must use every force at his disposal.

Understanding by jennytork [PDF]
Summary: There are some supernatural things that Dean can't wrap his head around, and it's frustrating Daphne. Leave it to Cooper and a certain song to make things clear.

The Road Rushin' Under My Wheels by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Sammy needs wheels. Dean has a plan.

Mojo by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: The Permian Panthers keep using that word. Sam and Josh don't think it means what they think it means.

Eighteen Candles by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: May of 2001 is a season of celebration and transition. And it all starts with a certain someone's birthday.

Graduation Day by jennytork and ramblin_rosie (with illustrations by geaugaart) [PDF]
Summary: After years of diversions and interference, John finally makes his way to Cazadore to see Sammy graduate from high school. But what he finds there challenges everything he thought he knew about his sons, his friends, his foes, the hunting life, and the supernatural order itself. And for their part, Sam and Dean receive some long-overdue revelations and come to conclusions that John would never expect--and might never accept.

A Touch of Providence by jennytork and ramblin_rosie (with illustrations by reapertownusa) [PDF]
Summary: Sam, Dean, and their girlfriends decide to get a certain distinctive, protective tattoo to celebrate the boys' graduation from high school. But when the ink's secret ingredients cause an autoimmune reaction that hits Sam the hardest, the race is on to find a cure... and to keep a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions from achieving its goal.

Residuals by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: A summer trip to Colorado turns into a working vacation that uncovers more than a new-to-the-boys monster of the week.

Wedding Bell Blues by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: Azazel's not about to let Sam settle down to a white picket fence, a happy marriage, and a steady job. But Dean's got a few tricks up his sleeve. (Het.)

Desperado by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: After being off the grid for 22 years, John finally has a reason to settle somewhere with his kids. But hunting's left him with a long list of outstanding warrants. Will the cost of living in Cazadore prove to be more than John can pay?

The First Five Holidays at John's House by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Five celebrations that make John realize that he’s really part of a family again.

Manhunt by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Cazadore once stood ready to protect Sam from John. Now someone else is coming after Sam, and John's tied down. Can he count on his new friendships to help him save his son?

Closing the Circle by ramblin_rosie and jennytork [PDF]
Summary: John Winchester was once told that what was coming after his boys would eventually break into Cazadore, but that his boys would be ready. It's broken in -- are they ready? (Het.)

More Things in Heaven and Earth by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: They say that dead men tell no tales. But when a man who's been dead for 35 years turns up in Cazadore, the Winchesters discover that some secrets just can't be kept.

A Severe Mercy by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: The angels' endgame is afoot. Will Cazadore's finest prevail, or will twisted destiny gain the upper hand at last?

Perspectives by jennytork and ramblin_rosie: 1 | 2 | PDF
Summary: Ah, spring, when young Winchesters lightly turn to thoughts of babies-in-progress, and a promising young reporter gets the scoop of a lifetime from the FBI's deputy director. In the topsy-turvy world of Cazadore, will anything turn out to be normal?

Delighting in Your Company by jennytork
Summary: Cooper is an archangel in disguise. Falling for a mere human would be a supremely bad idea. But suddenly, he is attracted to a human woman. Too suddenly for it to be natural.

The Halloween Card by jennytork and ramblin_rosie (with art by quickreaver [PDF]
Summary: In which John has two highly intelligent, highly affectionate granddaughters on his hands, both of whom--purposely or not--run interference for their mothers' plan to talk Sam and Dean into posing for a certain picture.

In the Belly of the Whale by jennytork and ramblin_rosie [PDF]
Summary: Hunters' opinions of Cazadore are well known by now, but what will a Man of Letters make of a future he's been taught to believe could never happen?
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